5 Shifts to Conquer Chronic Stress, Overwhelm and Anxiety

Without Sacrificing Your Position, Pay, Status or Relationships

Jesse Dean

Jesse Dean’s life long study of the unconscious mind is informed by his multifaceted life experiences in Art, Music, Business, and Coaching to help him overcome countless obstacles and challenges to build a life of Absolute Joy.  Jesse learned how to win big from his many mentors but even more from his experiences of failing big bearing truth to the saying, The “Higher the Fall”, the more impactful the lessons.”  Working with Jesse Dean will save you time, money and heartache along your life journey.

Jesse shares his rich wisdom with you as you gain greater mastery over the workings of your own unconscious mind to develop your CLARITY, PURPOSE, COMPASSION and COURAGE so you can take WISE ACTION as you express your CREATIVITY to build your own ideal future.

CERTIFIED  MASTERY COACHING is a powerful Cognitive, Results driven Coaching Methodology  that can increase conscious awareness of your unlimited resources, transcend limiting personal identities and increase your personal  “Response-Ability.”

Jesse Dean combines coaching  with Hypnothera skills to help you develop the Clarity, Courage, Creativity, Persistence and Compassion to take Action to create the Life of your dreams.

Jesse Dean created Hypnothera  as a powerful, method to assist you to open the window of your unconscious mind to remove  unconscious behaviors, limiting thoughts and emotions that are preventing you from driving your life in the direction that is stronger, wiser and filled with Absolute Joy.

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